Admissions offered in the academic year 2015 – 2016

For the current academic year, i.e., 2014-2015, Swarnandhra International School offers admissions to Grades Kinder Garden to Grade XII (M.P.C, Bi.P.C), subject to the availability of seats and eligibility.

Grade IV to VIII

Students promoted to the subsequent class are eligible for admission on submission of Transfer / School Leaving Certificate (TC) duly countersigned by the appropriate authority and the marks sheet of the lower class. TC if not submitted at the time of joining, is to be submitted within 30 days of joining, failing which the student is liable for withdrawal.

Grade IX

Students who have studied three languages in Grade VIII are admitted to Grade IX upon submission of TC duly countersigned by appropriate authority. Last date for admission to Grade IX is 20th August, the last date for registration with CBSE.

Grade X

Students who have studied Hindi or Sanskrit as the second languages in Grade IX are only admitted to Grade X. Students have to produce TC (duly countersigned by the appropriate authority), Grade IX Original Marks Sheet and Grade IX CBSE Registration Card (if a student of CBSE affiliated school).

Grade XI

Students who have successfully completed Grade X from CBSE / ICSE / Indian State Boards / 'O' Level and IGCSE are eligible for admission. Original Marks Sheet, Transfer Certificate, Migration Certificate & Conduct Certificate are to be produced at the time of admission.

Students who have successfully completed Grade X from any other authority (especially Foreign students) are required to produce the following documents.

  •  A certificate from the school that the student has successfully completed Grade X from that school
  •  Student academic transcripts from the school
  •  Accreditation details, i.e. name & address of accrediting authority and the period upto which the school is affiliated
  •  Any printed leaflet of the school
  •  Website URL of the school

Admission to Grade XI with reference to such students will be provisional, subject to issue of a certificate by the Association of Indian Universities to the effect that the qualification possessed by the student is equal to a pass in Grade X under CBSE / ICSE or state boards i.e. equivalency certificate.

In case, the Association of Indian Universities do not issue a certificate of equivalency, for any reasons, the student's admission will be subject to withdrawal and the student will not be allowed to continue to study in the school.

The school will not be responsible for any loss that the student / parent may suffer if the Equivalency Certificate is not issued by the Association of Indian Universities and hence the student is removed from the rolls of the school.

Grade XII

Admission to Grade XII is restricted to such students who have successfully completed Grade XI from a CBSE affiliated School.

Parents of such students should indicate in writing the reasons for leaving the previous school and seeking admission to this school.

Students from boards other than CBSE are not eligible for admission to Grade XII.

TC duly countersigned by CBSE, Grade X Pass Certificate with marks sheet and Grade XI marks sheet in original along with the Certificate mentioned above from the Principal of the previous school should be submitted while joining the school. If any of the above documents are not submitted within 15 days, the student, if admitted, is liable for removal from the school.

Admission to Grade XII is subject to approval by CBSE. Pending approval by the CBSE, the admission is provisional and if CBSE does not approve the admission, such candidate(s) will be required to withdraw from the school and will not be eligible for the Grade XII examination conducted by CBSE.

The school will not be responsible for any loss that the student / parent may suffer if the admission is not approved by the CBSE and the student is requested to withdraw from the school.